Taurus man taurus woman relationship compatibility

She wants a man who sweeps her off her feet, who can impress her body with his strength.

Your Match: Taurus Man And Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

With Earth in Scorpio , the Taurus woman is attracted to power; her first impression may be that he is not strong or manly enough for her. In fact, empathy, while it is within her reach, is difficult for the Taurus woman. She must work for it, reach deep into her Scorpio Earth side to learn what Cancer takes for granted.

Surfaces have always been enough for her.

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But the presence of this man in her heart softens the boundary she has maintained between her outer senses and her inner emotions and passions. Cancer's easy empathy and comfort with deep vulnerable emotions helps her gain the courage to delve her own depths and grow the power she is capable of.

Taurus: Dates, Traits, & More | cadebopu.tk

Cancer has to work, too. The sensitive guy needs to learn skills and to struggle and work to develop his trade, whatever it may be. Cancer's direction of growth lies in deepening his personal authority, claiming the right to feel as he feels, and protecting and defending his home. Cancer's sensitivity can make him overly tentative.

Taurus Man

His life challenge is to grow the will to stand firm. In this, Taurus can help him by example. Her strength is innate; she did not have to fight to attain it. She was born that way. But cardinal Cancer must struggle like a salmon upstream to the home he craves. The Taurus woman is patient, and so her first impression need not be the last. She likes him, and he feels good to her. Sensitivity runs far beneath the surface of her personality.

She seems stoic but in truth, she senses everything right down to the root. This can lead to trouble in the Taurus woman and Taurus man friendship. This matters where a quick mind is needed, especially in their careers.

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And when it comes to making plans, they will be so meticulous with the details that they may not be able to handle unforeseen obstacles that hinder their way. Get a career astrology reading. Test Now! This may cause an argument, and neither one will back down from their point of view. Are arguments good or bad for a relationship? But the stubbornness of this astrology sign is the only potential snag in such a blissful Taurus woman Taurus man compatibility. Usually, the Taurus woman understands the patience and reserve of her Taurus lover, because she exhibits the same qualities.

And he appreciates her grounded view of reality. For these two, there is never a need to look elsewhere because everything they want or need is right where they are. As long as they can continue the harmony, and avoid the relationship pitfalls , their love compatibility will resound through the ages.

The Taurus woman Taurus man love match is one that is made in heaven. Tags love love compatibility taurus taurus female taurus male. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

Zodiac Compatibility Calculator Pro. Both partners are charming, graceful and dignified. They can be quite stubborn and opinionated, not to mention jealous and possessive. All Tauruses have to learn to agree to disagree, and especially two Tauruses together; they need to recognize that their relationship is too good to jeopardize with minor arguments.

Taurus Sign Dates & Traits

Taureans are blessed with strong willpower and commitment. They love the wooing process of courting, so the beginning, building stages of their relationship may stretch out deliciously. When two Taureans get together, both provide and expect total devotion. Because of this devotion, a Taurus-Taurus pair may be more possessive of each other than most. Nothing upsets these lovers more than infidelity, but — luckily — because both partners are so dedicated to each other and the relationship and because Taureans tend to be very reliable, cheating is rare.

Taurus Is Grounded

Taurus is ruled by the Planet Venus. When two people with Venus energy come together, it can be love at first sight. Both partners are highly romantic and loving, and they never tire of physical contact and touching. They are the great stamina Signs of the Zodiac; they love to go all day and all night and all the next day … They are highly sensual and both enjoy pampering.