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Talking with a mentor may help you make sense of conflicted feelings. Lunar eclipse opposite Saturn can cause bad moods because of sadness, boredom or loneliness. Difficulty in sharing your emotions can lead to relationship problems.

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Melancholy, pessimism and emotional coldness could also make socializing a chore. You could feel burdened or guilty about responsibilities for your partner or someone much older or younger than you, like a child or grandchild, parent or grandparent. If you already have a tendency toward depression, you will need to work hard to avoid your negative feelings manifesting as loss, disappointment, and despair. Lunar eclipse opposite Pluto causes inner turmoil and relationship drama. Your feelings can intensify to such an extreme level that you can no longer control your own reactions and behavior.

You may experience dramatic mood swings, feeling strong and sexy one moment then nose-diving into insecurity the next. Some feelings you may experience include hopelessness, fear, jealousy, and obsessiveness. You might also be vulnerable to being emotionally manipulated and controlled. But if you try to ignore or suppress your own intense feelings, someone you are emotionally attached to may act out such extreme behavior.

Trying to control others will only end in guilt and shame.

Cancer 2020 Horoscope

While the Moon rules traditional motherhood, where mom stays home to nurture, Ceres rules modern motherhood such as working mothers and single mothers. Minor planet Ceres also rules food, natural resources and the environment. So this opposition may cause tension between the need for good nutrition and environmental consciousness, versus the pressures of the modern world, time constraints, and convenience. Lunar eclipse full moon January favors climate change deniers and polluters.


Lunar Eclipse trine Neptune is a relatively weak influence compared to the oppositions but it does give some much-needed cause for hope. Neptune provides sensitivity, compassion, faith, and inspiration. Guidance and reassurance can come from spiritual or religious beliefs and practices like meditation and prayer.

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Due to the Precession of the Equinoxes , the Sun Signs are almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named. Full Moon January [Stellarium]. Lunar eclipse conjunct Castor: Timid, sensitive, lacks confidence, occult interest, and psychic ability, blindness, facial injuries, disgrace, stabs, wounds, imprisonment. Because of the association of cleanliness with Godliness virtue , this mansion also presides over law and order, moral uprightness and cleansing of moral wrongs.

The luck in this mansion is said to vary because of the conflict of the elements involved. Labor is rewarded, while idleness is sanctioned. It is good for taking exams, tending to herbivorous animals and all types of industriousness. When you said you had lost some of the best parts of yourself over the years, I recognised that in me too. This seemed to set off a series of injuries that still linger and within a few yrs I was acquiring knowledge about self-healing. Thank you for all your work. I always learn something new from your reports and look forward to them.

What about having the Lunar Nodes in my personal charts?

Natal Saturn Conjunct Pluto

I have them completely opposite to what is going on with the transit: NN in early Cap 1st hse and SN in early Cancer 7th hse. Will they be triggered? This should be a very interesting time coming up for me. The last time we were in this transit Apr 10, to Oct 31, , it was an extremely difficult time in my life. Someone came into my life to help me, and for that I am eternally grateful, but the difficulties I faced is something I do not ever wish to repeat.

Are you able to clarify how this transit relates to past transits? Or is that answer contained in the article and I missed it? With time, we learn to work with the energy of a particular transit. Is this mean that these two years are crucial for me to get me align with my life purpose and i need to do self care. Great article…now i am realizing that why i am so workaholic and why i am always called to work on my emotions. Really enjoyed this article. Thank you. North node in Capricorn, south node in Cancer? Any insight or suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you! Wonder what will happen this time.

I have reverse nodal return. Thanks for the heads up!! Excellent article! The July 16th Eclipse is a direct hit on my Moon! The December 25th Eclipse is minutes away from my natal Jupiter and than the January 10th Eclipse is opposite my natal Saturn. And to top it all off, Pluto is 2 degrees away from a conjunction on my Moon. Mom, who passed in , her birthday is Jul 15th. Extended family only recently purchased a stone to mark her grave.

They shared the information with me on Memorial Day. I moved for work in and am for the most part estranged from these family members. I have been in a quiet phase of reflection about who I was and how I acted in the past and hope and pray that the next few years get better. So, what if your natal nodes are the opposite? What does this time hold for me then? What if my sun and Ascendant are in cancer? Would that affect us? And how? Please, explain! Am a Pisces man having North node in cancer and South node in Capricorn.

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North Node vs. What happened in your life back then? Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Like this: Like Loading Love and Blessing! Now, throughout , expansive Jupiter cruises through Sagittarius, illuminating the area of your chart associated with emotional transformation. This energy can be a bit intense for steady Taurus, who always prefer to dwell in their comfort zones. All of your self-actualizations will be rewarded toward the end of the year.

Now through the end of , Jupiter will continue to glide across this relationship realm. Friends may become lovers this year, Gemini, so watch out for romance surfacing in extremely unexpected places. This is a big year for you, Cancer babe, so get ready for some epic transformations. Late , generous Jupiter began cruising through your sixth house of health and wellness, and through December , fortune will continue to smile on your commitment to self-care. And I have great news: This year, the cosmos are ready to support the full range of your artistic pursuits. Jupiter in like-minded fire sign Sagittarius activates your fifth house, the area of your chart associated with creativity and romance.

With abundant Jupiter illuminating this radiant realm, you can look forward to lots of passion, trysts, and butterflies in your stomach throughout The past 12 months have radically shifted your perception of community. Throughout , you seemed to be the go-to person for all the juicy gossip — but, beginning in November of , you started feeling burnt out on the drama.

This will prove to be especially important by the end of the year, when Jupiter drifts into like-minded earth sign Capricorn, triggering both massive artistic inspiration and romance. Yes, please. Libra love. You want the tea — and with good reason. You want to know all about their preferences, likes, and values.

You already know that was a huge year for you in the stars. But when Jupiter the planet of expansion glided out of your sign and into Sagittarius on November , you finally began to manifest your transformation in a real, tangible way.

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Now, you have all the tools to make the moves you want to make. Starting in November , your planetary ruler generous Jupiter , went into your own sign, kicking off a month cosmic homecoming that only happens every 12 years. This extremely auspicious transit will not occur again until , so really embrace the vibes, Sagittarius babe. If you're feeling lucky, you should be.

Get ready for big changes, Capricorn darling!