November 3 tarot

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Your journey towards success and prosperity is going to take an unexpected, upwards turn this month. Travel is highly possible, or a new connection overseas which helps things along. Broaden your horizons, expand your network, reach out further than you thought possible. Success awaits you Have faith in yourself, Pisces, and embark on a new adventure which has long captured your interest. It's something you feel enthusiastic and inspired about- even if it looks somehow silly "on paper".


Go for it and trust that your instincts are right. Even if it takes you on a totally different trajectory to the one you've been on, go for it. This new path is your destiny. Step on with confidence. Type keyword s to search.

Today's Top Stories. Nikkie Tutorials just shaded Too Faced. Natalie Imbruglia welcomes baby and reveals name. The best time to book your Christmas train tickets. Costa's new winter menu is here! CosmopolitanUK Getty Images. Want to know what's in store for your star sign this month? It's all in the cards Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. King of Coins, Queen of Wands, Four of Coins You're in danger of getting into a rut with some of your friendships and close relationships, even with colleagues.

Four of Cups, Seven of Coins, Eight of Cups it's fair to say that you're not a big fan of change, nor do you make decisions quickly, or lightly. King of Wands, Eight of Coins, Five of Cups A trip or holiday somewhere has the potential to change your future plans altogether!

Three of Swords, Strength, Seven of Cups You can take the higher ground and win the battle if you think things through and execute a considered strategy with precision! Seven of Cups, The Empress, Ten of Swords Before we get into the high octane hurly burly of the Christmas run-up, take a moment to reflect on your relationships. Seven of Wands, Eight of Swords, King of Cups A little bit of your charm has the potential to help you go a long way this month. The Lovers, Eight of Swords, Ace of Wands A rejuvenation or reboot of a relationship which has drifted into sour times recently is possible.

Seven of Wands, The World, Ten of Coins Your journey towards success and prosperity is going to take an unexpected, upwards turn this month. Seven of Coins, The Fool, The Hierophant Have faith in yourself, Pisces, and embark on a new adventure which has long captured your interest.

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More From Yearly horoscope and tarot forecast. This is the best day to get married in Many of the best gifts are intangible, taking the form of kind words or offerings of time. Another Cup card??? I swear I shuffled this deck. This Cup card, however, is less about struggling to understand emotions and more about other aspects associated with the watery realm. The Page of Cups indicates budding creativity and the development of one's inner voice.

So how might that apply this week? Well, in the larger context we've established, these are useful skills. Quite frankly, we might need to be mind readers to navigate the emotional minefield of interpersonal relationships Having a heightened intuitive understanding of others can help us balance their needs with our own. For example, if you find yourself playing host of a celebration for friends or family, anticipating their desires can make interactions smoother and more enjoyable for both parties.

This is one way of honoring people you care about, of showing the generosity called for by the Six of Pentacles. Holidays are not always an appropriate time for hashing out grievances, so avoiding conflict might be a more reasonable move.

November 2017 Tarot Readings

If you are aware of others' pressure points, you can find ways to avoid them. If you are thinking ahead about ideas for the upcoming traditional gift-giving season, be a good listener now on multiple levels as loved ones communicate details about their passions and pursuits. Giving a perfectly intuited present shows a tremendous amount of care. Employing creative thinking and imaginative approaches to celebrations can make them more meaningful. Perhaps this year your holiday gathering should take a new form. How can your respect expected traditions while breathing new life into your festivities?

Look back on past gatherings -- which elements delighted people the most? Why do you think that is? Which traditions feel emptied of their purposes, creating more frustration than reward? This week the Past has a lesson for us, and hopefully the work we've done all month has prepared us to receive it fully. This is not a surprising card to receive during month when families who don't see each other often come together again. People bring with them shared histories in many forms: reminiscences, stories, artifacts, grudges, rivalries, and so forth.

These markers of past connections sometimes receive more focus than what is happening in the present, but they do provide a chance to view what is in contrast to what was. This can be very enlightening.

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We are able to examine past selves both through our own triggered memories and through the lens of others' experiences with us. There is a warning in this card, however. We should take the lessons of the past and apply them to the future, not dwell on what was before. If mistakes were made, what matters most is how we move on. How can we ensure the same mistakes are not made again? Additionally, the pull of nostalgia can be very strong. If we look backwards and see things we miss, we might be able to resurrect positive pieces of ourselves we had neglected or misplaced.

It's important to remember, however, that visions of past pleasures are often tinted by time. The less-rosy reality is likely to manifest in repeating outdated patterns.

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Take a moment at the end of this month to examine past situations with a critical eye and discover the messages they offer. This ritual or exercise if that label is more comfortable for you brings together the ideas of the Six of Cups and the energy of our Suggestion card, the Three of Swords.

NOTE: Remember, a ritual such as this can be helpful to move on or to begin the healing process, but recovering from past traumas often requires additional help. If you identify heavily with other interpretations of the Three of Swords heartache, grief, suffering, depression , seek the aid of a professional counselor who can be a guide in your recovery. There is no shame in this. Your feelings are valid and deserve to be addressed. According to the cards, this November is about the balance between the head and the heart, a classic struggle, but one that can be dealt with through patience and acceptance.