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When the album was re-released on.

There's not many chart records the Beatles. The dates given below are for 'week ending'. It tallied points and oddly enough, although it peaked at Number Two for two weeks, it ultimately finished higher in the rankings than the recording that denied it coveted Number One status. Not that I hate it, but I'm just not really interested in it. Share Monday. On this date in , this song was number 1 on the Billboard Charts and was a hit around the world.

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A commemorative list of all the chart's number one songs was also published in poster format by CHUM in to commemorate the station's 50th anniversary. On October 29th, they played in Utica, NY. The song ended up on the B side of "Let It Be," the band's penultimate number one single. There are related clues shown below. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. We'll find and frame an original copy of the vinyl record or sheet music, with your own personal message printed and mounted beneath. It's our Number One Song of the Week. The most popular singles compiled from a worlwide sample of Top Sales Charts from 65 countries around the world and provided by TopCharts.

This was the year Gunsmoke went from a half-hour weekly to an hour format for the next fourteen! Many people want to know what were the Top songs of a particular year and billboard has been keeping track since so if you are looking for the top of every year since the beginning. In , Kiss and Aerosmith kicked off their co-headlining tour. The hit version of the song in the United States was recorded by Jim Lowe, backed by the orchestra of songwriter Davie, with Davie also playing piano, and by the vocal group the High Fives. Clue: number one song. Step 1 : Introduction to the question "In the song by the band Tommy Tutone, what was "Jenny's" number?

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Without Dukes of Hazzard. Number one songs on my birthday, August The tables below list the running total of different number 1s, the date the track reached the peak, artist name, song title s and weeks at the summit. Trivia fans take note: this is the only song ever to hit Christmas Number One twice, for two totally different artists. Top Country Songs of The number one show in the nation, Wagon Train, lost its star when Ward Bond died in This is a ranked list of the best number songs, as voted on by music fans like you.

Number one song on my birthday?

Find the number one song on any day. We are not affiliated with New York Times. View my complete profile. These are not necessarily the best doo-wop songs ever—although all of them are classics—but they remain the most popular, the ones that have stuck with us through decades of changing trends and styles. It is a crime that this song is not number 1. Charles reached No. Below is your personalised "Number one song on my birthday" tracklist.

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The theory started doing the rounds. The best, love the energy in this one! Number 1 Albums - s. These songs were all certified number one by Billboard Magazine. Rodney Dangerfield 6,, views. Could the number one hit song from your 14th birthday define your life? People are flocking to this site to find out. Breaking news and analysis from TIME. If your exact birth date isn't shown find the closest date before your birthday - this is the song that was number 1 on the day you were born.

She was one of a number of candidates sponsored by the Veterans Club in the s. Released in , the song was the second by the vocal group to reach the pop top 10 following their 1 smash "Save the Last Dance For Me. One of the most popular songs ever, Green Onions was recorded in , by Booker T. June 18, The Drifters made 73 US with their rendition, which peaked two weeks before Acker Bilk went to 1 with the song in May Very good song but doesn't sound like Reggae at all. Though some hear it.

Consequently, each group of 23 people involves comparisons, or chances for matching birthdays. Ideally you should get 10 to 12 groups of 23 or more people so you have enough different groups to compare. You don't need the year for the birthdays, just the month and day. Based on the birthday paradox, how many groups would you expect to find that have two people with the same birthday?

Does the birthday paradox hold true? If you use a group of people—the greatest number of days a year can have—the odds that two people have the same birthday are percent excluding February 29 leap year birthdays , but what do you think the odds are in a group of 60 or 75 people? You could try rolling three sided dice and five six-sided dice times each and record the results of each roll.

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Calculate the mathematical probability of getting a sum higher than 18 for each combination of dice when rolling them times. Which combination has a higher mathematical probability, and was this true when you rolled them? Observations and results Did about 50 percent of the groups of 23 or more people include at least two people with the same birthdays? When comparing probabilities with birthdays, it can be easier to look at the probability that people do not share a birthday.

A person's birthday is one out of possibilities excluding February 29 birthdays.

What was Number 1 on my 14th birthday? Find out what song supposedly 'defines your life'

The probability that a person does not have the same birthday as another person is divided by because there are days that are not a person's birthday. As mentioned before, in a group of 23 people, there are comparisons, or combinations, that can be made. This information is often missing on certificates from before the s, or from cities with fewer than , people. Request a birth certificate with birth time from the government. If you don't have a copy of your birth certificate, you can usually request a copy from the health department or vital records office associated with the county, province, or state where you were born.

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Always mention that you are specifically looking for a record of your birth time. Start your quest with one of the following links, matching the country of your birth: Australia Canada England or Wales , Scotland , and Northern Ireland. The United States , or see here for more information on requirements. Ask the hospital for records. As a last resort, you can try checking the records department of the hospital in which you were born. Contact the hospital through phone, email, or an in-person visit, and ask to see any records which may have the time of your birth recorded.

You may need to provide one or more forms of identification. Method 2. Find out whether this is necessary. If you believe that astrology can predict your future based on your birth date and time, you might have already constructed a star chart or hired someone to do so. If your birth time is based on your mother's memory, if it was rounded to the nearest hour on your birth certificate, or if you have no idea what it is, your star chart may be based on incorrect information. These online calculators below will tell you how likely it is that a given type of star chart, or part of a star chart, is accurate.

Enter the number of hours you think your birth time guess could be off by, such as "3" if you only know the general time of day, or "12" if you do not know your birth time. If there is a high chance of your star chart matching the predictions anyway, you may want to skip the arduous process below. Moon signs for Western astrology or Vedic astrology Zodiac sign of your ascendant Solar arc Dasha predictions.

Have a "best guess" star chart made. This star chart doesn't have to have much detail, since it will just be a starting point. If you don't know your birth time at all, make the chart as though you were born at noon. If you know it was between and , make the chart for You can also hire an astrologer to "rectify your star chart," and skip the steps below. Write down a list of major events.

Write down as many major events in your life that come to mind. You'll need a year, a date, and preferably a time for each one. Traumatic events and accidents are the most useful, but you should also include marriage, divorce, childbirth, change of employment, and other major events. Make predictions based on the star chart. Use transits, solar arcs, and other astrology techniques to map out predictions based on the "best guess" star chart. Here are some tips on which to use, based on how quickly the astrological bodies move through the chart.

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  8. If you are confident of the birthday, add the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Compare the predictions to your actual life events. Different astrologers use different techniques to "rectify" a star chart, but the basic idea is to see whether your life events match the predictions, or to check whether your life events can be explained by a different birth time. Here are a few techniques experienced astrologers use: Eliminate events that can be explained by natal planetary connections. Look at remaining events, and see whether they are concentrated when celestial bodies arrive at specific degrees.

    Compare recent outer planet Jupiter through Pluto transits to recent life events, to see which house appears to influence you.