Virgo female and virgo male relationship compatibility

Although the down side is if you have a daughter a Scorpio might leave you for her. Unless your daughter is a Capricorn. In that case she will probably be a lesbian. Hope that helps. Good luck. My sisters baby daddy is a Scorpio and he is quite the catch. They are so perfect together. She a Capricorn. She thought she was a lesbian once and dated this chick shanaynay for a year. The Virgo I was dating for 4 months broke up with me today and him and my mom announced that they have been seeing each other behind my back and are expecting a baby!

What do I do?! There is already enough confusion in the family.. Any advice about my situation would be greatly appreciated! That they are far better. Any good astrologer would tell you that Sun signs is not used to assess compatibility. The position of Venus, its directional strength,its aspects,conjunctions determine relationship compatibility. It has got nothing to do with sun sign. By manipulating this poor woman Tanisha who is nursing a broken heart, you are just giving reality to the rumor about you guys among st astrologer, that you Scorpios are deceptively manipulative and can go to any lengths to get what you want.

I hope you mange to sort it out — you should probably talk to him first. You will not regre it? Unfortunately I know a Virgo-Virgo pair who divorced and had serious issues during their last years together. But that can happen with any relationship of course. Virgo men have similarities but they differ with maturity and individual life experiences, so they were all different. We got along but I could not stand them seeming to think they were millions of steps ahead of me.

I often felt they missed the greatest part of this union which is we both understood our forever changing needs. I have never fallen completely so all of the break- ups have been rather bitter, except this last one with an August Virgo same birthdate as my sister , which I feel makes a difference.

It was this that caused the break up. With September Virgos the only issue is pushing each others buttons, which is hard to do if either feels attacked or at a disadvantage in an arguement. They are just as pick but much more laid back-outwardly anyway. Usually will not engage in silly arguements or show they are upset. The next time he sees me will be in person. They do not want a true meeting of the minds…unless they are right? I am involved with a Virgo man and I am a Virgo woman. We get along great…very good actually!

6 Reasons Why A Virgo Man And Virgo Woman Are Perfectly Compatible

We have a very strong emotional and physical attraction. No head games, no tit for tat. The only problem I could think of is that we both think way too much. Which prevents us from acting upon how we really feel but we have really good communication so in the end we nip issues in the butt before they really even become issues. He is always open to talk about any and everything as am I. When I talk he listens and actually hears what I have to say. We are ten years apart. He is 36 and I am We are both very critical of each other and he will definately call me out and likewise for me.

He has a strong personality and so do I and we both have thick skin. Very Blunt. The last guy I was with hated to do anything family related at all…So i love the fact that he is all about family especially since I have two very small children who are my entire world. He is a gorgeous man honestly… One thing that does frustrate me a little bit is that he does take very slow steps…and sometimes I feel like he is cautious to get too too close to me because he is afraid that I will hurt him.

Good Luck Love Bugs. Iam a Virgo woman just started talking to a Virgo man for the first time. Iam not sure if he is the one Iam looking for love my soul mate someone I can have my first child with. He is insecure, nothing to do with Virgo. His personality has formed that way due to his family background, lack of education, friends and so on. I am a Virgo women. Right when I get over him he comes back into my life. I try so hard to gorget about him but no one can have the same type of conversations he can. He told me he loved me then disappears with in 3 days.

Thing isI need more affection then he is wwilling to give. I am a Virgo women involved with a Virgo man. He is my best friend.

He prefers spending our time alone together. He is not over weight but is so critical of himself. I love to eat and I used to get offended because people would ask why I was so skinny. I gained 15 and actually look healthy finally. They know nothing of me. Lives alone. Only recently did he start spending the night at my home. I have 2 children. He is a wonderful cook. My home is noisy full of activity. I love dancing with my daughter or listening to my son tell me about stories of school or girls.

We are not sure if he really likes us at times. He thinks we are all crazy and retreats to my bedroom after dinner where I bought a flat screen smart TV with every channel for him to retreat to. For being so serious he loves futurama. He makes enough to provide if we lived together but instead pays twice as much for an apartment than I pay for a Sq foot house. He spends half his income on rent. If we lived together we could have a very comfortable life. This seems so impractical to me.

With all that said he gets me so well.

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

I also love to snuggle and he snuggles me all night. Thing is I like me. I love him unconditionally. Virgo men and Virgo women relationships are a hit or miss. Several years ago I used to work as a receptionist at a hair salon and I overheard a stylist who was a Virgo woman and her customers, some who were also Virgos and other signs unanimously gave reasons for not wanting to date a Virgo man. Moody, arrogant, liars, moochers, cheap, know-it-alls, selfish, egotistical, users, players and stubborn.

Even a close girlfriend of mine whose a Scorpio said the same thing about a former boyfriend who was a Virgo. As an exception, a male friend of mine and his wife are Virgos and they seem to be doing fine. I guess whatever is in their natal charts are agreeable.

I wish them well in their life together.

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We enjoy each others company get along blissfully. However reading the comments about raised some concerns about other romance,which we hardly show because we are often busy trying to save the world,being there for our friends n family,we completely loyal but lack passion for one another. Good luck in your relationship. Being a Virgo man, I was just curious what it could possibly be like to be with a Virgo female. I am a very practical realist, yes. I am so attentive to her, her needs, her wishes, that I tend to place more value on those than my own needs.

But the lack of communication and passion I get back from her is practically null. In this relationship, I find myself as the support structure keeping us together. And yes, I have been the one to ask her to marry me, twice. I have no fear about lovemaking, in fact, I long for that type of true, visceral connection with another person. But it just feels so damn empty here sometimes. I know, this is my own fault for sticking with it. I always hold out hope it will be better tomorrow if I do this or that.

Mind you, she and I have been together nearly a decade. Life can do that to you sometimes I guess. So, I am a male, and happen to be a Virgo. I love deeply. I show it often. I commit to no end. I care like there is no tomorrow. I am not shy, but reserved. I can be a socialite publically, and content with myself at home.

I go out of my way to spend time with the woman in my life. Reading this post really made me feel completely disconnected. If most Virgo men are like him, oh my god. No wonder they can write posts like this. I am nothing, and I mean nothing like him at all. So… for all the Virgo women out there that may be wondering the same things I do… not all Virgo men are like that, at least, I would sincerely hope not. I for one can attest that there is at least one Virgo male who is not. My best to all….

I fell so hard for a virgo man…. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How would you rate this relationship:. The attention to detail and ability to lead are strength serving them well in the work world. But, two leadership-oriented Virgos will have to compromise for love.


The couple must allow each party to take the lead in the relationship sometimes. Mutual respect is the foundation for a blossoming friendship and love affair.

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  • Summary of Virgo compatibility.

Virgos demand consistency in friendship and love relationships, particularly when connecting. They have a set schedule or routine defining when they spend time together. Sticking to this routine is the way two Virgos show their dedication and commitment. Yes, being timely and scheduling time together expresses love. Virgos are trustworthy so this couple will find safety with one another. Their honesty and ability to keep secrets make it easy to relax.

It gives both parties in the relationship an intense sense of freedom. The sex life in the Virgo and Virgo love match is secretive to the extreme. This duo is not the couple one will find getting it on in a public place because the risk is a turn on. No way, no how! Behind closed doors, blackout curtains and a soundproof room, it gets wild!

The menu of acceptable sexual techniques ranges from vanilla to dark chocolate. Two Virgos shed any inhibitions with one another fast because they trust each other. Virgos are erotic, seductive, and passionate. The sex is energetic and can range from sweet to aggressive. One session might involve slow and deliberate foreplay.

Another might include tearing off clothes while leaving a trail of attire to the bedroom! The physical connection between two Virgos is fiery hot! Virgos are not flowery with prose and are not chatty. For Virgos, salt in their eyes is more pleasurable than pointless conversations. They have no time for trivialities and melodrama. Virgos have no problem making it known to others with a matter-of-factly tone.

The desire for simplicity contributes to Virgo and Virgo compatibility. Whether at work or play, Virgos appreciate direct and succinct communication. They have no time for games and only like joking around during downtime. While two Virgos find conversing enjoyable, others will find them downright unimaginative.

Virgos are the realists of the zodiac born as natural sticks in the mud! Talk between them is more like following a PowerPoint presentation bullet-point-by-bullet point. The presentation is absent of imagery, animations, and ostentatious transitions! Keeping it simple is the life motto of the Virgo and Virgo pair. This dynamic couple can become a power couple if they play their cards right. Bringing to Virgos together can create a firestorm when chaotic organization meets obsession!

Virgos are insistent and tend to think they are always right. Even when they have evidence of being wrong, a Virgo hardly waivers. With two Virgos insisting they are right all the time, trouble ensues. They can become angry, bitter, and resentful. But, both parties will refuse to swallow their pride.

Critical and cynical are two attributes common in the Virgo personality.

Venus enters Scorpio

Their criticism of one another can come across as bitter, backbiting, and cold. The matter-of-factly and detached demeanor of Virgos can hinder compatibility. In astrology, all signs align with a polarity. The polarities are Yin and Yang forces. Yin is feminine. Yang is masculine. Instead, it describes the quality of the polarity. Understanding polarity is important when examining Virgo and Virgo compatibility. Virgos align with Yin. This means they are intuitive, sensitive, and receptive. While these attributes may not be so obvious at first, they become prominent when a person gets to know a Virgo.

They can empathize with each other and nurture the relationship they have together. Dangers in the Virgo and Virgo relationship comes from mood swings and voluntary isolation. Blocking out the world and the distrusting outsiders can lead to codependency. To balance out the energetic formula, Virgos must embrace more Yang energies.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman: Nature of Bonding

Virgos will do well being direct and assertive with one another. With more Yang to complement Yin, a Virgo and Virgo match can find relationship harmony. In astrology, the aspect between two signs helps determine compatibility. Within a Virgo and Virgo love match, there is no distance between signs on the celestial wheel. The pairing forms a conjunct aspect. This matchup is like a person falling in love with themselves! With one Virgo looking into the eyes of another Virgo, they see their own reflection!

A silent understanding exists between them along with loving acceptance. The only hazard of this relationship is growing too close. Familiarity breeds contempt. Because being around each other all the time and knowing each other so well breeds boredom. The cure for monotony is to allow plenty of independence for each party in the relationship.

Such experiences lend spice and liveliness to the Virgo and Virgo pairing. Every sign in the zodiac corresponds with one of four elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The characteristics of Virgo give away the element the sign corresponds with too. The personalities in a Virgo and Virgo relationship are grounded, practical, and sensible.

They can be stubborn, unmovable, and a pillar of stability in a relationship. The Earthy influence on Virgos makes them people who covet the predictable. They need routines in their lives for a sense of sanity and security. Simplicity is one of the things Virgos covet the most. Even if they have a home life that seems disorderly, Virgos have a routine in place. Where one finds a huge mess, Virgos find comfort in knowing where everything is located when they need it.

This couple not only lives and loves together, but they might also even work in the same place. Why not? This couple might choose to run their own small mom and pop business. With a focus on simplicity, Virgos can bring work and love together. What are cons with two Earth influenced souls in love? Virgos need to avoid being sticks in the mud and boring each other to death. They will also have to work at making things romantic all the time. When a Virgo Man and a Virgo Woman hook up, they often start out as friends.

They respect one another and understand what makes the other tick. They feel right at home with each other and share an unspoken bond. The near psychic bond they have strengthens Virgo and Virgo compatibility. The friendship shifts and intensifies. Fast companions become even faster best friends.

When they start dating the style is standoffish, aloof, and noncommittal. A Virgo Man is apt to notice the meticulous dress of a Virgo Woman. Even when at home with no plans to go out a Virgo Woman gets ready for the day with full attention to her attire. Her rigid morning routine allows her the perfect amount of time to put on her makeup and style her hair.